Kamis, 17 April 2014

Cheo Feliciano Muere in traffic accident

The Puerto Rican singer Jose " Cheo" Feliciano died at about 4:13 am in a traffic accident on Highway 176 in Cupey after allegedly losing control.

Your morning reported ( Univision ) , police confirmed the death of salsa , 78 , who allegedly struck an electric pole with his vehicle Jaguar. At first, it was said that a man had died in an accident in a vehicle that was registered to Feliciano.

Just after 6:30 am , the Institute of Forensic Sciences ( ICF ) removed the body of the salsa scene after police conclude the investigation into the tragic incident.

Television media reported that problems exist in the area with electricity after this incident and that the singer was heading home after being in a casino. In addition , it was learned that tomorrow would leave for Mexico to meet musical commitments.

The wife and one of the sons of the deceased arrived at the accident area but did not come close to where the vehicle was .

Meanwhile, the inspector told Hernández Peña Your morning that the singer had no seatbelt and the car went straight to the fixed object.

Feliciano made ​​great musical hits like " If my rain " and " Anacaona " .

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