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Jenny McCarthy: "One time I was on drugs"

The new book by Jenny McCarthy called Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic(Bad habits: Confessions of a Catholic on the road to recovery). Already from the title it is clear that the tome promises to be full of details and curious anecdotes, out of mind, or, more simply, embarrassing. Otherwise there would have collected in an autobiography, right?
The lines that have been disseminated to the press yesterday describing a vacation to Hawaii, attended by a dozen-odd of Playboy bunnies. Brace yourselves.
Put the drugs in front of a group of playmates was like to offer his arm to a tribe of cannibals. We fell on the box and began to argue to get more white capsules as possible. Rather than preserve it for later, there we fired at least five together.
And we have not come to the interesting part. The story continues.
It was a very intense experience, so much so that we began to express all our love one for the other on the mouth kissing each other.
The only lucky this with them was amazed by the vision that is parried front.
Imagine the shock when he realized he was the only man on the beach with 14 bunnies out of your mind that you sbaciucchiavano each other.
Imagine, there remains just that. It was an experience of a lifetime that Jenny McCarthy with the use of illicit substances. The ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey has in fact confessed that she had to detox from Vicodin, a powerful painkiller, and have become an expert on hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Therefore can not even use the excuse of addiction to justify its idiotiche shoot on the alleged dangers of vaccines. Continued to undress for Playboy, that yes that is good .

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